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Fairy Castle Cake

Today I have just completed a pink fairy castle birthday cake for Jessica to celebrate her 4th Birthday complete with princess sugar figurine in front of the castle.

Hollywood Theme Birthday Cake

Love for hollywood movies has captured many people imaginations. I can't remember how many cakes I've made based around hollywood theme, but it seems quite a lot. Here are few example of birthday cake design inspired by hollywood movies, red carpet, and walk of fame.

Giant London West End Cake

Architecture that's in very good taste It's an architect's dream and hopefully to everyone's taste – the world's biggest spongescraper. The world's biggest Spongescraper – a 5 foot by 5 foot cake of London - was revealed in London’s West End today. Cake maker Michelle Wibowo has designed a cake to replicate a birds-eye-view of London’s West End.  The cake has been made to celebrate 1,415 birthday years being marked by over 15 well-known West End retailers this year. A commuter tucks into the world's largest Spongescraper, which was unveiled in London's West End.