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Edible Beyonce Oreo pop-trait made from 3780 pops

The scrumptious five foot by eight foot portrait was made entirely of Oreo pops  - crushed Oreo biscuits mixed with Philadelphia cream cheese – each pop was handmade in different consistencies to create 2244 dark pops and 1536 lighter pops; an impressive 3780 pops in total! The full creation required eight hours of careful construction on the day and more than six weeks planning. Food artist Michelle said: “When I was asked to create a pop icon portrait using just Oreo pops, new mum and superstar BeyoncĂ© seemed the natural choice.  It took a long time to map the exact position for each pop and create a recognisable likeness, but the hardest part of the process was trying not to eat it!  Impressive 3780 pops in total!  Former Atomic Kitten pop star, Jenny Frost and her son Caspar had fun helping to create the tasty A-list likeness as part of a campaign to inspire families to have more fun in the kitchen together. Behind the scene video:

Giant Trainer Shoe Cake

5 Foot Giant Trainer Shoe Cake A five-foot giant trainer shaped cake is revealed today (6 May) at The Martlet Shopping Centre Burgess Hill to celebrate the Sussex Living Marathon run weekend . The cake was sliced for all participants to help refuel and celebrate their achievements after completing the run. It took Michelle 50 hours to make the cake and it consumed more than 25 kg fondant and 9 kg butter cream to make this amazing cake five-foot giant trainer shaped cake More than 300 runners took part in the Sussex Marathon Cutting the cake A slice of shoe? Sweet Success Can you guess the weight of the cake?