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AEGON International Tennis 40th Birthday Cake

Celebrating 40th Anniversary, The Aegon International Tournament in Eastbourne doing something rather unusual. They are calling on tennis and baking fans from Sussex to came up with the design a spectacular birthday cake. Here is the winning entry, written by Barbara Manning from Eastbourne. Winning Entry Michelle then translate the 'words' into design sketch: Design Sketch And here are the celebration which took place on the 18th June at the Centre Court Devonshire Park, in Eastbourne UK. Eastbourne Herald Press The Argus

Prince William & Prince George in Toblerone

In honour of Prince William and Prince George's first Father's day, We have created a portrait of British royals made from chocolate. Michelle used 1,500 bars of the iconic triangle shaped chocolate bar, totalling over 16,000 individual pieces, to create the 12ft x 8ft picture.