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Kerrygold Giant Meadow Cake

4 x 18 feet Giant Meadow Cake Michelle Sugar Art and Kerrygold butter reveals a giant meadow cake measuring (2.5x4m) 8 x 14 feet long to the city dwellers at Finsbury Square Avenue in London on Wednesday 22 July 2015. This half-tonne creation is made out of sculpted vanilla sponge cakes with buttercream filling, covered with fondant. There is a miniature farm house, a red barn and around 100 cows made of fondant. Concept Drawing of Giant Meadow Cake Michelle Wibowo is adding finishing touches to the giant creation Getting ready to serve giant cake for London's city worker at Finsbury Avenue Square

Capturing Life with Birthday Cake

How to capture someone's life in Birthday Cake? Recently I was working with a well-known client to create unique birthday cake capturing her husband's life. We started with exploring of what he likes and all the 'things' that matter to him. The bottom of the three-tiered cake was constructed from carved vanilla sponge cake in the shape of books that has inspired him. Photos from childhood memories were popping up as bookmarks. The Middle tier is about family and personal life, the idea came from a pop-up book showing pictures of family member and all the things that personal to him. The top tier represents professional life, his love for travel and gadgets and world that he has influenced in. We have created something more than just celebration cake. It is a centrepiece that truly unique that captured someone's life. Hope this post would inspire you or at least give you some ideas to tell story with cakes, let’s get baking!