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Hazardous Radioactive Waste Birthday Cake

  A business man who works for a waste management company. His partner came up with a wacky idea for a cake to celebrate his 40th's birthday. Cake in a shape of hazardous barrel with Jack's head popping out. Baked to serve 50-60 people this party centerpiece is constructed from layered cakes and covered with the sugar paste, even the head is made of cake!    Testimonial from the client: " I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the cake you made for Jack’s 40 th birthday.  It was absolutely amazing, you are truly talented.  Jack was completely bowled over by it, he commented that it was the best cake he had ever seen and the detail was perfect.   It was a real centre piece at the party and everyone was amazed by the attention to detail.  Not only was it visually stunning but it was also delicious! The night was a great success, everyone enjoyed the party and your cake played a big part of the overall event and will be remembered for som

Salsa Birthday Cake

'Dancing on the Cake'? this time our client wanted a Salsa Themed Cake to celebrate a special birthday  for the lady. It started with the original sketch below, combining 2 tier cake as a dancing stage with large sugar figures of the couple on top. For added glamour, pink feathers and gold candles are used to decorate the 'red stage'.     Ruched frill trim details on the dress Detailed sugar model