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The Blues Brothers Cake

The Blues Brothers comes to live (in a cake). This time a birthday cake which took inspiration from their famous poster, adding depth to it and creating 3D poster style. Jake & Elwood The Blues Brothers original poster. 3D concept   Sculpting Jake & Elwood figures popping out from the background.   Just before applying colour to their face.

Bull Mastiff Dog Cake

Celebrating Louises' 40th birthday, Jack commissioned a birthday cake in a shape of 'Freddie', their beloved  bull mastiff family dog. Check out incredible details below! "The finished article was truly amazing, Louise absolutely loved it! Thank you so much Michelle, it really made her birthday special :)))"  Jack Lavington Picture of  real Freddie

Doctor Who Cakes

Tardis sponge Cake complete with original casts Doctor Who TV Series made from sugar paste, commissioned by BBC for a documentary video yet to be released. "The cake was AMAZING and it went down so well on camera.  All the actors thought it was also AMAZING, the couldn't believe their eyes!  They all took their figures home with them – they loved the detail and said you made them look even prettier" Russel Minton - Producer BBC Entertainment More collection of Doctor Who Themed cakes for your inspiration. Doctor Who Wedding Cake Doctor Who Birthday Cake