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The Oracle Riverside Shopping Centre Reading UK 20th Anniversary Celebration Cake

Celebrating its 20th  Anniversary, The Oracle's Riverside Shopping Centre in Reading were hosting a traditional kid's birthday on Saturday 21st September 2019. Just like all good birthday parties, it must have party games, party bags, food, entertainers, birthday song and to top it off,  presentation of an extra large, extra special birthday cake. Michelle created a colourful birthday cake design based on the exterior architectural elements of The Oracle Shopping Centre. More than 8 layers of delicious vanilla sponge, with buttercream fillings, is required to make this 5-foot tall edible structure. Michelle then covered each layer with panels made out of the icing sugar before applying tone and shade using food colouring. The logo of familiar brands in the shopping mall was also printed on a sugar paper using edible food colouring. Find out more about Michelle's PR work