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Quantel's 40th Birthday Cake

Celebrating 40th Birthday, Quantel commissioned a giant cake to be cut and served for all members of their staff complete with 40 candles. It’s actually rather tricky to create such a simple design because of its vertical position and all finish must be extremely neat. Dear Michelle  Thank you so much for another wonderful cake which was really fantastic and fitting for the occasion.  The lemon sponge was very light and fluffy and popular with everyone.  We have just finished cutting the remaining one and a half tiers so it's 'cake fest time' at Quantel again today!  The structure of the cake really made the cutting very easy.  There was just a little too much wind yesterday which, unfortunately, made the lighting of all 40 candles an impossible task so we managed with just two lit for the ceremony.  Thanks again for another masterpiece.  Kind regards  Linda